Alarm Bob-ombs are a sub specie of Bob-ombs found in the game: Mario & Luigi: The Inside Story. They are quite strong for Bob-ombs. They get their names from the way they look like; an alarm clock. They are only found in Princess Peach's Castle. Alarm Bob-ombs are only in that game so far.

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Status[edit | edit source]

HP: 123
Power: 112
Defense: 146
Speed: 112

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • They get their name from their design and appearance; An alarm clock. Their design is based off a black and gold clock.
  • They must be defeated in a certain amount of time otherwise they will wake up any Naplocks nearby. Another reason on why they are called Alarm Bob-ombs.
  • Mario and Luigi cannot jump on the Alarm Bob-ombs since they have a spike on top of their heads. However the spike is actually a bell.
  • Alarm Bob-ombs are less risky if fought inside of Bowser rather than facing them head on.
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