Amazy Dayzees are incredibly powerful enemies found in the first three Paper Mario Games but was absent in Paper Mario Sticker Star. They are a sub species of the Crazy Dayzee. They are the second most powerful Dayzee only to a Dark Dayzee. In Super Paper Mario, they have the ability to flip between dimensions. Defeating an Amazy Dayzee rewards the player with a large amount of star points/points.

Amazy Dayzee


20 (Paper Mario 1/2) 30 (Super Paper Mario)


20 (Paper Mario 1/2) 10 (Super Paper Mario)


1 (Paper Mario 1/2) 0 (Super Paper Mario)


Paper Mario- They will appear as enemies in Flower Forest.

Paper Mario: TTYD - They will appear in the Pit of 100 trails and in Twilight Trail.

Super Paper Mario - They appear in the flipside pit of 100 trails and in the Gap of Crag. They can also be enemy in the Castle Bleck corridor.


Flee - Runs away from battle. Often move

Musical Note - Sings a musical note that is difficult to block, puts Mario to sleep, and deals a whopping amount of damage.

Drops - Defeating them yields a Golden Leaf.
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