Bob-ombs are common enemies found throughout the games of Super Mario Bros. They are basically walking bombs that will try to explode on the player. They have a wind on their back. Their design went from several pixels to a more complex 3D design.

Sub Specie/RelativesEdit

As common enemies, Bob-ombs have several different species.

  • Bulky Bob-omb - Pink giant bombs found in Paper Mario. They have explosive power
  • Bob-Ulk - Purple Giant bombs with EXTREME explosion force.
  • Kab-omb - Firework bob- omb


Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2Edit

They appear in several galaxies. They will follow Mario or Luigi around until they explode or hit the player.

Super Mario SunshineEdit

They have a slight variation in their design compared to the other games. They will explode after a few seconds. They are shot from Monty Mole cannons.

Super Mario 64/ Super Mario 64 DSEdit

There are two types. There is a friendly pink bob-omb that helps Mario and then the normal Bob-omb itself. Black Bob-ombs can be picked up and thrown. When picked up or they see Mario, they will make a sound.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year DoorEdit

They are Glitz Pit fighters in Chapter 3. Bob-ombs have 4 HP, 2 Attack, and 1 defense. After getting attacked, they will light their fuse. Mario must use Koops' Shell or a hammer to avoid blowing them up. Their explosion attack is 5. They are also in Rooms 31-39 in the Pit of 100 trails. Their are also friendly Bob-ombs in the area known as Fahr Outpost.

Paper Mario 1Edit

They appear in the Koopa Teams' Fortress defending it from Mario.

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