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Bob-Ulks are a sub specie of a Bob-omb. They are more powerful than a Bulky Bob-omb but a little smaller. This may confuse the player but they are a very dangerous threat to the player. They are only found in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door.


Bub-ulks are found in Rooms 91-99 of the Pit of 100 trails considering they are very difficult enemies.


HP: 10
Attack: 4
Defense: 2
Explosion Attack: 16

In BattleEdit

They are similar to Bulky Bom-ombs. On the first turn, they light their fuses. On turns 2 and 3, they increase attack and defense by 3. On the fourth turn, they increase attack to 16 for a massive explosion on turn 5. The explosion is unblockable. Mario and his ally can take 64 damage from 4 Bob-ulks. This can be be avoided if Mario uses Admiral Bobbery, however the reaction explosion is 4 damage per Bob-Ulk but is better than a whopping 64 damage.

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