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Bogmire is a boss ghost found in the game: Luigi's Mansion. He is the second boss in the game. He is fought in the Graveyard. Bogmire is the Shadow Ceptor. Bogmire may also summon several Shadow Bogmire.

Boss Battle

After defeating the three Skeleton Ghosts in the Graveyard, the player will notice a strange aurora around the Center Gravestone. When the player comes close enough, lightning strikes the gravestone and Bogmire will arise. The player is then transported to the Arena where they will have to defeat him. From there, the player must vacuum up the Shadow Bogmires and release them into Bogmire. This will trap him and leave him vulnerable exposing his heart. The player will likely have to do this 2-3 times. The lower Bogmire's health is, the more shadows appear. Beating him with at least 90% health will give you a gold frame, lower will achieve silver, but below 80% is Bronze.

Luigi's mansion boss 2 bogmire the cemetary shadow
Luigi's mansion boss 2 bogmire the cemetary shadow
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