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A picture of a standard boo.

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Boos are basically ghosts who laugh a lot in a high pitched voice.

Their main attack is that if you turn away from them they will advance on you until you look at them to make them cover their face while blushing and stop.

Boos are mainly found in haunted mansion levels in different games and are also found in Luigis mansion, luckly not Luigi's first game because I respect him, but no one else does for some strange reason. Luigi's first ever game was 'Mario's missing' when Mario gets kidnapped by having a bag thrown onto his head and taken away but when you continue into the game you find out that your playing an educational game.

But back to Boos.

Boos also have different forms (like the Goomba etc. Hyper goomba, Paragoomba).

Boos sometime appear in different colors throughout games.

A Boo is a playable character in Mario Kart Wii, Mario Tennis and a few other Mario sport games.



Pink Boo- Stronger and meaner versions of a Boo

Dark Boo- An elite boo of mass strength and power

Boolossus- A Giant and powerful Boo, made up of Boos.

Big Boo- Boos of massive size.

Goop Boo- Boos in Super Mario Sunshine who leave around goop.

King Boo- The King of all Boos and has a mysterious grudge against the Mario Bros even before they first encountered King Boo. This grudge is explained in a theory Creepypasta.

Bomb Boo - Explosive Boos in Super Mario Galaxy.

Color Boo - A regular boo except a different color.

Atomic Boo- Similar to Big Boo and Boolossus except More Boos are used.

Stats (Paper Mario)[]

HP: 7

Attack : 3

Defense: 0

Attacks- Invisibility. Tongue(3 Damage)

Stats (Luigi's Mansion)[]

Health: 20 to 300 at maximum. King Boo has 500 HP however.

Attack: Ranging from 1 to 12 at maximum.