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Bulky Bob-ombs are the largest sub species of a Bob-omb in any Mario game next to King Bob-omb. They are only found in the game: Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. They are found in Pirates Grotto and the Pit of 100 Trails.


They are found in a few rooms in Pirate's Grotto and in Rooms 41-49 in the Pit of 100 Trails.


HP 6
Attack 2
Defense 1
Explosive Attack 9

In BattleEdit

The player will begin the fight. However unexpectedly to the player, there can be up to 4 of them in one battle. However Mario has 4 turns before the ultimate explosion. However after the second turn, things become more difficult. On turn 1, they will light their fuse. On Turn 2, they will increase their defense by 3 making total defense 4. Then on turns 3 and 4, they will increase their attack power by 3 for an explosive force of 9. However it can all be avoided if Mario uses Admiral Bobbery on one of them. This causes a chain reaction with the others. However Mario and his ally will lose 2 HP for every chain reaction explosion.

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