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Chauncey is a boss ghost found in Luigi's Mansion. He is a baby and the first boss in the game. He can found in the Nursery.


Chauncey is a baby child of Portrait Ghosts; Neville and Linda. Chauncey loves to play around but hates it when getting pushed around by an adult (such as Luigi). He can throw extreme temper tantrums. Chauncey is actually unafraid of Elements unlike his older brothers.
Luigi's Mansion Boss Fight 1 Chauncey

Luigi's Mansion Boss Fight 1 Chauncey

Boss BattleEdit

After Entering the room, Luigi will notice a shadow in the baby crib. He will also notice coins around the Rocking Horse. The player will then get the hint to vacuum the horse back and forth. After Chauncey cries, he will send teddy bears after Luigi. The player must then use the basketball and hit Chauncey with it. Chauncey will rage out and take Luigi to the battle stage. In the battle stage, Luigi must successfully avoid getting hit with giant rocking horses for a few moments. Then Chauncey will throw in giant basketballs. Luigi must dodge these until one solid one is left. Luigi must vacuum the ball and shoot it at Chauncey. This will stun him and allow Luigi to vacuum him. Chauncey will struggle and likely cause new players to lose a few hearts. This process must be repeated about 2-3 times depending on the players skill. If the players still has 90% or more of his health left, he will get a gold portrait of Chauncey.

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