A chuckya in SM64

Chuckyas are large purple spheres that are said to be a sub specie of a Bob-omb. They attack differently than exploding like most bob-ombs would. Chuckyas attack by grabbing Mario and throwing him or "chucking" him in a random direction.


Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DSEdit

Chuckyas have so far only appeared in Super Mario 64 and it's DS remake. Chuckyas are Purple and move around in a small radius. They have a red spherical object on their head as well. In the DS version, Chuckyas have a wind up gear on their back.


Chuckyas will attempt to grab the player when near it. This can be easily avoided if the player moves out of the way. Chuckyas can be defeated by grabbing them from behind and throwing them where they will break and release several coins.


  • In Super Mario 64 DS, Yoshi cannot grab Chuckyas
  • Chuckyas haven't appeared in any game after the DS remake of Super Mario 64.
  • Chuckyas have a wind up gear in the DS version.
  • They attack in a similar fashion to King Bob-omb. However this brings up the question of how Chuckyas are a Bob-omb sub-specie if they do not explode.
  • Chuckyas drop five yellow coins upon defeat.
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