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Dark Dayzees are enemies from the game Super Paper Mario. They are relative species of the Crazy Dayzee. They are one of the strongest enemies from the entire Paper Mario series. They are even stronger than the Amazy Dayzee. Ultimately, they are only found in the Flopside Pit of 100 trails in the lower levels.


Health HP: 99
Attack Attack: 20
Defense Defense: 1
Moves Abilities: Lullaby: (Puts Mario to sleep and does 20 damage). Dimension Flip: (Flips between 2D and 3D, uses this constantly)


  • They can flip between dimensions, similar to an Amazy Dayzee.
  • They can be incredibly difficult to defeat because they continuously flip between dimensions.
  • They will give Mario 9,900 points upon defeat, one of the highest in the game.
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