Dark Puffs are enemies in the game Paper Mario. They are cloud like creatures that are found in two chapters of the game. They are the sub species of the Ruff Puff.


Boggly WoodsEdit

In Chapter 2, they can commonly be found throughout the forest. They are often in pairs of two. They will attempt to attack Mario if he gets close to them.

Glitz PitEdit

In Chapter 3, they return as minor league fighters. One is fought during the Glitz Pit. It is paired with a Pale Piranha and a Pider, all of which are enemies from Chapter 2 of the game.

Pit of 100 Trials Edit

Ruff Puffs can also be found in the Pit of 100 Trials.


HP 3
Attack 2
Charged Attack 2 but difficult to block
Defense 0
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