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Dull Bones are an enemy from Paper Mario 2. They are a weaker sub species of the Dry Bones in Paper Mario 2. In Super Paper Mario, they are actual stronger than a dry bones. A Dull Bones is basically a dead Koopa Troopa.

Hooktail's CastleEdit

In Hooktails Castle, they are the main enemies. They are found in quantities. In battle, they are in groups of 2-3 and can often build reinforcements.


In the Underwhere, they are enemies there. They attack by throwing bones. They can only truly be killed by blowing them up with Boomer.

Pit of 100 TrialsEdit

They are found in rooms 1-9 in the Pit of 100 Trials.

Paper Mario 2 StatsEdit

HP 1
Attack 2
Defense 1
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