Fracktail is the first main boss of Super Paper Mario. Fracktail is a mechanical like dragon created by the Ancients to defend the first Pure Heart. Fracktail wasn't actually hostile, but Dimentio's magic corrupted his databanks and caused him to attack Mario.


Fracktail was created a long time ago by the Ancients. They gave him the first pure heart to give to the heroes of the light proginictus. He waited a thousand years to give Mario the heart.


Dimentio's magic caused Fracktail to become hostile towards Mario. Mario climbed on Fracktail's back where he used the Frackles to damage Fracktail's Antenna. After multiple hits, Fracktail apologized and self destructed himself. Afterwards, the chamber of the heart was revealed.


HP ??? (Approximately 30)
Attack 1
Defense 0
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