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The Goomba

Goombas are brown mushrooms that are enrolled in Bowser's army that try to kidnap Princess Peach. Compared to others, Goomba's are underlings of the army. They can be killed by simply stomping on them in most games, or through power ups.


Goomba's have appeared in every single Mario Game that has come out with an exception of the sport games. They will make apperances in future Mario games as well.


The First Goomba's

The Goomba's from Paper Mario

The first ones were only 8-bit but later on they got more complex and started to look better and more realistic.

After Mario advanced into 3D, Goombas got even more complex even to this day.


In Most games the goomba's are enemies but on such occasions a goomba can be an ally or a nuetral. Mostly they will be working for Bowser. Goombas will sometimes also work for their own cause or will be neutral.


  • Goomba's are the easiest enemy to defeat in all of the Mario Games as a simple jump will kill them.
  • Goombas are one of the most iconic enemies as they are recurring enemies and are sometimes featured in media.
  • Goombas along with Koopa Troopas are enemies with the most sub species.
  • Goombas will rush at Mario in Super Mario Galaxy rather than walking randomly around the area.


HP: In Mario Games only one hit will do but in Paper Mario their HP is 2 or 1. (1 in Super Paper Mario.)

Attack: In Mario Games they will shrink you down one power but in Paper Mario it's attack is 1.

Defense: It doesn't have any protection to defend itself. However they can have spiked helmets or a power up in some of the other games.

Sub Species[]

Goombas have many sub species compared to other main species of enemies.

We are still updating the Goomba sub species data. Check back every now and then to see more sub species. For a completed database, see the link. [1]

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