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Grey Grabbing Ghosts, also referred to as Grey Grabbers, are a type of ghost encountered in the game Luigi's Mansion. Grey Grabbers have 10 HP (unlike their sub-species which have 20 HP) and will attempt to grab and hold on to Luigi, but can be shaken off by either using the C-Stick or control stick. These Grey Grabbers also have three sub-species relatives known as the Red Grabbing Ghost, Blue Invisible Grabbing Ghost, and Purple Invisible Grabbing Ghost. Blue Grabbers, and Purple Grabbers. Unlike their sub-species brothers, they do not harm Luigi when grabbing him (but do leave him vulnerable to other attacks). Grey Grabbers can be found in the Washroom, Laundry Room, and the Pipe Room.

Grabbing Ghosts

Stats[edit | edit source]

HP 10
Attack Cannot deal damage
Defense 0
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