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Hooktail is a boss from Paper Mario 2. Hooktail is a large red dragon. Hooktail got her name from the fact that her tail is shaped like a hook. She is 1 of 3 dragons in Paper Mario 2.


Hooktail has been terrorizing Petal Meadows since she came. She has eaten many of the villagers. Many even went to her castle in hopes of defeating her but failed in the process. Hooktail was nearly defeated by one but she used a trick to beat him. Later on, Mario defeated her and got the first crystal star.


Her weakness is cricket sounds which comes from a badge inside the Castle. The badge is the Sound FX-R, which can be obtained in a small room where the Thin powerup is obtained.



HP 20 (30 in total)
Attack 1-5
Defense 0-1
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