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Macho Grubba is the third boss in the game Paper Mario 2. He is fought in the Glitz Pit. Macho Grubba is actually Grubba, but with the combined power of Prince Mush, Bandy Andy, and King K. Macho Grubba is strong and has a unique set of moves.

Macho Grubba.jpg

Stats[edit | edit source]

HP 60
Attack 3 to 6
Defense 0-3

Battle[edit | edit source]

Mario will have to battle him after defeating Rawk Hawk and discovering the power draining machine. Mario will fight him but after Grubba's health starts to deplete, he will start using even greater tactics. He will increase his attacks, defense, get dodgy and more. After his defeat, Jolene will give Mario the Gold Star.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before, he was actually a fighter. His moves were actually considered "illegal". He then became the Glitz Pit Host where he drained old fighters powers for his bodys' conservation.

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