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Magnus Von Grapple is an enemy from Paper Mario 2. It is a robotic mechanism designed by Lord Crump. It's name is a pun on Cruci Robot due to it's X on it's body. It is the Chapter 2 Boss of the game.
Magnus Von Grapple


Crump detonates a bomb that will go off in 6 minutes. After Mario manages to catch up,he battles Crump in the robot. Mario eventually defeated and destroyed the robot, sending the X-Nauts out of the Boggly Tree. In reward, Mario is given the Emerald Star.


The robot has several moves:

Rocket Fist => Its fists become rockets that attack Mario

Quake => The robot will continuously stomp at the ground making it shake.

Stomp => It will simply attack Mario by stomping on him.


HP 30
Attack 1-2
Defense 1
Magnus von grapple
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