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Heat Seeking Bullet Bill are a relative of the Bullet Bill. The once difference between these and normal bullet bills is that Heat Seeking Bullet Bill will follow Mario or allies until its hits him or a hard object. They are usually red or purple eyed. They also have a Golden Heat Seeking Bullet Bill relative.



Super Mario Sunshine[]

These bullet bills have only appeared in a few missions (approximately 3 or 4). Super Mario Sunshine also has a Golden Heat Seeking Bullet Bill, which drops coins upon defeat. The bullet has a strange looking smiley face on them and once again cannot be jumped on.

Super Mario 63[]

They come in different colors and their jaws open and close but can be jumped on if one is careful. This online Mario game is so far the only one where a Heat Seeking Bullet Bills may be jumped on.


  • Heat Seeking Bullet Bills may only be destroyed through power ups unlike other bullets.
  • Heat Seeking Bullet Bills come in a variety of colors in Super Mario 63.