A ghost who lives in a haunted mansion that doesn't do that much and likes standing in the center of things, mostly. Mr. I is a ghost who shoots bubbles at enemies. There isn't that much about Mr. I.

It's eye looks at you where ever you go. If you move right, it looks right. It shoots bubbles at you if you go near. The bubbles pushes 2 feet back and makes you lose some health. He also dies if you spin around him like about 3 times. He also never moves.

These are facts you might not know about Mr. I.

Mr. I is only seen on top of high empty structures and in small empty rooms.

Mr. I can only die 1 way, getting dizzy. If you want to know how to make him dizzy.

Mr. I does NOT work for Bowser, he, or they, help ghost by protecting the mansion and ghost.

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