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Pale Piranhas are enemies from Paper Mario 2. They are a sub species of the Piranha Plant. Pale Pirahnas can be found in two chapters of the game. They are a weak species of the Piranha Plant.

Boggly WoodsEdit

Pale Pirahnas can be found scattered in some parts of the Boggly Woods. They are often in groups of 2-3 or even 4. They are sometimes fought alongside Dark Puffs and Clefts. A few can be found inside the Boggly Tree.

Glitz PitEdit

Inside the glitz pit, they are a minor league fighter. One pale piranha is fought with a Dark Puff and a Pider. Overall, they are quite an easy team to beat.


They appear as a normal piranha plant except it has a light grey color in it's "paleness".


HP 4
Defense 0
Attack 2
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