The Paper Mario Project along with the Super Mario Galaxy Project is an upcoming project that will add enemies from the games: Paper Mario, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, and Super Paper Mario. Look for this template on Paper Mario articles:
This article is a Part of the Super Paper Mario Project.

Planned ArticlesEdit

  • Red Goomba, Blue Goomba, King Goomba.
  • Paper Mario Bosses such as: Tutankoopa, The Koopa Bros.
  • Crazy Dayzee, Amazy Dayzee, and Dark Dayzee.
  • Muth, Mega Muth, Dark Muth.
  • Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Bosses and Super Paper Mario bosses such as Smorg, Mr. L, and Dimentio.
  • Tileoids B, R, Y and G. Also Dark Tiloid.
  • Spinia, Spunia, Spania.
  • Shady Koopa, KP Koopa, Koopatrol, etc.
  • Squops, Squiglets, Dark Squipglets, Squionkers, etc.
  • Many more enemies. There is literally over 150 distinct enemies in every game.
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