Shadow Queen is the very last boss in Paper Mario 2. She is the final storyline boss (not the Superboss). She is a demonic entity of pure darkness and shadow. She posses Peach to provide a body for her soul.


She once roamed the world bringing total darkness everywhere. Then, 4 heroes rose up and defeated her using the Crystal Stars. She slept in her crypt for 1,000 years until Grodus re-awoke her. She re-brought darkness until Mario, using the Crystal Stars and Hope, defeated her and saving the world.


At first, Mario will not be able to damage her. Regardless, what moves he uses, she will take no damage. After that, the crystal stars gather hope and break the Queen's invincibility. Mario can then fight her down. She will constantly regain up to 14HP a turn depending. She has a variety of moves but if Mario is prepared, he can beat her.


After her defeat, the world returned the normal, and everything was at peace. The game then ends.


HP 150
Attack 2-8
Defense 0-1
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