Smorg is a boss from Paper Mario 2. It is the sixth main boss in the game. It is fought after Mario lowers the drawbridge on Riverside Station. Mario will have to fight it on top of the train.


After Mario manages to make to the top of the train, all the smorgs will combine to form a gigantic Smorg. It is also composed of some of the passengers.


Smorg is a bit difficult. It has a defense and can deal up to 15 HP in one turn making it strong. It has tentacles which can be defeated by Mario but will regenerate after a few turns. When it's HP drops lower than 20, it will develop a gigantic claw called the Smorg Miasma. It can deal 10 damage in one hit. Mario can try using specials to defeat the Smorg


After it's defeat, Mario will finally arrive in the destination of the Garnet Star.

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