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How to Make a template[]

First: make a div. This is how to do so:


Next, add a style section:

<div style="">

Thirdly, add variables between the quotation marks. Here is some sample variables.

  • background - Background color.
  • color - text color.
  • border - type of border. (width in pixels, dashed or solid, color)
  • padding - distance between text and div edge.

Here is a basic example of a div with a variable:

<div style="background:green">

To add multiple variables, add a semicolon between each variables, like so:

<div style=background:green;border:3px">

Finally, here is how to put text inside a div: (Note: you can put anything inside divs: text, images, even sub-divs!)

Text you want to put inside div.

Lastly, in order to make the div end, you put:


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