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The Floating Whirlandas are two portrait ghosts found in Luigi's Mansion. They are a pair of dancers. The Floating Whirlandas are found in the Ball Room. They are found waltzing around the room. Luigi must capture them in order to move on to the Storage Room.



Luigi must wait for a few seconds until the Whirlandas come to halt and show their hearts. If Luigi gets in to close, they will shove him out of the way. Luigi must vacuum them up in order to proceed with battling the Shy Guy Ghosts. Luigi may earn up to 12 small and medium sized pearls and 1 large pearl.


  • The Whirlandas died before becoming professional dancers.
  • The Whirlandas seem to completely ignore Luigi and his presence until stunning them with the flashlight.
  • The Whirlandas are harder to capture considering the floor is spinning as well.